Maintain the highest of standards

The standard of care and clinical practice in remote and rural areas is generally extremely high. With more time to spend with each patient, the GPs of NHS Highland pride themselves on delivering an exceptional quality of care, and enjoy their ability to control the level of service delivered.

Embrace unique professional development opportunities

As a rural GP with NHS Highland, you can enhance your career portfolio not only through a variety of research, teaching and training opportunities, but also by embracing the unique challenges presented by rural practice and broadening your experience in the process.

Moreover, with healthcare provision in rural areas of NHS Highland undergoing a period of reform and advancement, you have the opportunity to truly make a difference in your role – to have your say, help design and shape new services, enhance infrastructure, bring teams together, and be a facilitator for further progress.

Enjoy stunning scenery & an outdoor lifestyle

To top it all off, in the Scottish Highlands you will be living and working in some of the world’s most stunning and idyllic scenery. Kiss goodbye to the painful, traffic-ridden daily commute and, when you are not busy enhancing your career, enjoy the Highlands’ tranquility, famously low crime rates, and desirable outdoor lifestyle.

Whether you plan on ‘going rural’ for a couple of years or a lifetime, NHS Highland will support you. So don’t hold off any longer – be the doctor you’ve always wanted to be. Become a rural GP.

NHS Highland GP
  • "I've never been bored at work. Ever."

    GP, Lochgilphead

  • "This is a very good opportunity to develop myself, to go on learning new things, to perfectly combine personal and professional..."

    GP, Campbeltown

  • "We are a true team, often faced with adversity but supported by a joint purpose and a community that appreciates our achievements."

    Rural Practitioner, Isle of Skye